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2022 Non-Responders in Child and Youth Mental Health Grant Opportunity

Help us solve the hidden mental health epidemic for children and youth

‘Non-responders’ in mental health research can be identified broadly as individuals who do not receive benefit from an intervention that has been administered to them. Growing Minds Australia investigators have collaborated to develop an opportunity for researchers to apply to conduct studies that address the topic of non-responders in child and youth mental health research, broadly.

This research funding opportunity is brought to you as a part of the establishment of the Growing Minds Australia Clinical Trials Network. We’re offering grants of up to $100,000 to researchers who seek to innovate solutions for non-responder outcomes in child and youth mental health, and who can show us how their research fits into a clinical trials network.

The dates relevant to this funding opportunity are:

Fri 27 May 2022   Grant applications open  

Fri 26 Aug 2022   Grant applications close 

Sep – Oct 2022     Review rounds complete  

October 2022       Notification to applicants for progress to next round 

November 2022   Zoom presentations to Growing Minds Australia groups 

December 2022    Award presentation

Researchers can apply for funding by getting in touch at growing-minds-australia@sydney.edu.au.

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