Growing Minds Australia Research

Growing Minds Australia is a unique collaborative research project bringing together the best of Australia’s child and youth mental health researchers to revolutionise the delivery of support for child and youth mental health and wellbeing. We embrace a transdiagnostic network perspective on mental health and wellbeing, and work to facilitate optimal outcomes for children, young people, their parents, and families .

This is embodied in our creation of a research prioritisation framework that looks to digital solutions and stepped care approaches to get the right response at the right time, to those who are most in need. We work with feedback in co-design and consultation processes to maximise accessibility and relevance for diverse community members, and we ensure that at every step that transparency and mental health literacy are supported as key components of everything that we do.

Our group not only provides a nurturing ground for Australia’s emerging talent in child and youth mental health research, but also takes active steps to integrate end to end thinking, in research design, and service delivery, for child and youth mental health services, presenting the best evidence-based grounds for government policy and systems change.​

There are three pillars of the Growing Minds Australia project that will run across the five years of funding from the Medical Future Research Fund (MRFF):​

  • Three flagship research projects
  • Australia’s first clinical trials network in child and youth mental health
  • A stepped care model for child and youth mental health services

2022 Non-Responders Research Grant Opportunity

'Non-responders' in mental health research can be identified broadly as individuals who do not receive benefit from an intervention that has been administered to them. Growing Minds Australia investigators have collaborated to develop an opportunity for researchers to apply to conduct studies that address the topic of non-responders in child and youth mental health research, broadly.
This research funding opportunity is brought to you as a part of the establishment of the Growing Minds Australia Clinical Trials Network.

Dates relevant to this funding opportunity are:
Fri 27 May 2022   Grant applications open  
Fri 26 Aug 2022    Grant applications close 
Sep – Oct 2022     Review rounds complete  
October 2022        Notification to applicants 
November 2022    Zoom presentations  
December 2022     Award presentation 
Researchers can apply for funding by getting in touch at .

Clinical Trials Network

The Growing Minds Australia Clinical Trials Network (GMACTN) is a research-specific body in Growing Minds Australia which is working towards registration as a member with the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA). Currently the Growing Minds Australia Steering Committee, Scientific Advisory Committee and Community Engagement Advisory Committee are working together to shape how the GMACTN will work.

Flagship Trials

Development of a digital check-in for child and youth mental health concerns

This project develops a unique Australian-first digital portal which supports community members to both understand more about mental health concerns, and to find their way to evidence-based help, when it is needed.

Development of a physical health strategy for child and youth mental health concerns

This is the first national study of physical health impacts that are associated with antipsychotic medication use, including a trial evaluating best-practice prescribing practices and a psychological intervention to offset the negative impacts to physical health associated with some mental health medication.

Development of a mental health literacy strategy for child and youth mental health concerns

This project has two arms: one is a national population level survey on mental health literacy, the second is a trial for mental health first aid education delivered into school settings.