About Us

Growing Minds Australia is a newly established international, multidisciplinary collaborative clinical trials network in child and youth mental health. It is composed of clinicians, consumer groups, consumer representatives, policy makers, professional associations and funders with an interest in investigator-initiated clinical trials focusing on child and youth mental health conditions.

What is the vision & mission for Growing Minds Australia?

The vision and mission of Growing Minds Australia is to promote mental health and wellbeing of children, young people, and their families by improving pathways to evidence-based support.

How does Growing Minds Australia advance child
and youth mental health research?

Plans for the Growing Minds Australia Clinical Trials Network began with the formation of a small steering group, and in May 2021 this group was successful in attracting funding from the Medical Research Future Fund. A collaborative of over 60 researchers in child and youth mental health conditions and specialisations was formed. This group, combined with clinicians, consumer representatives, policy-makers, and funders came together and agreed on the vision, mission, values and goals of the group as critical first steps towards the establishment of the network.

Why is this important?

Child and youth mental health conditions have a large individual, family, and society-level impact. As such, there is great need for increased research capacity, funding, and focus on prioritising areas with the greatest knowledge gaps.

Governance Structure



Community Engagement
Advisory Committee




Scientific Advisory


Committee Members

Community Engagement Advisory Committee

The Community Engagement Advisory Committee is made up of community members and includes both parents and young people as community representatives from different states around Australia, and different walks of life and nationalities.

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Scientific Advisory Committee

The Growing Minds Australia Scientific Advisory Committee is responsible for expert input with respect to reviewing the prioritisation and development of clinical trials in child and youth mental health; approval of draft protocols for clinical trials and endorsing proposed clinical trials; monitoring progress of clinical trials and other research and fellowships, and reviewing applications for clinical trials from members of the Growing Minds Australia Clinical Trials Network.

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Steering Committee

The Growing Minds Australia Steering Committee oversees both the development and the functioning of the action pillars of the project (including the flagship trials, the clinical trials network and Growing Minds Australia IMPACT (Innovating Mental Health Pathways to Child and Youth Treatment).

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Core Methods




Mental Health Conditions