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Committee Members

Operations Group

The operations team looks after the day to day work of Growing Minds Australia, stretching from research to service delivery and public contact.

Workgroup Members

Lucy Tully

Dr Lucy Tully is a researcher, psychologist and Senior Lecturer at the Child Behaviour Research Clinic, School of Psychology, University of Sydney. She has over 20 years of research experience focussed on enhancing the reach and access of interventions to improve the mental health and well-being of children and families. She has managed several large and complex studies in government and university settings in UK and Australia and has a unique mix of experience in industry and academia.

Jaimie Northam

Dr Jaimie Northam is a Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer at the University of Sydney. She works clinically at the Child Behaviour Research Clinic and is leading the first flagship trial for Growing Minds Australia, the Growing Minds Check-Up. Dr Northam has over 15 years of experience working with children, young people and their families. She specialises in externalising disorders, with a special interest in conduct problems and youth substance use.

Janice Kan

Dr Janice Kan is the Training Coordinator for Growing Minds Australia and supports the team with developing and coordinating training in child youth mental health. She also works as a Clinical Psychologist in community Child Youth Mental Health Services and is passionate about early intervention. She has published research articles in the areas of early life stress, intergenerational transmission of stress, and medical psychology in children and families.

Olivia Liew

Olivia Liew - is a research assistant with Growing Minds Australia. In this role, she has been involved in the development of the GMA Improving Mental Health Pathways and Access to Child and Youth Treatments (GMA IMPACT) Initiative. Olivia is also a clinical psychologist who has worked with children and young people across a range of settings, including educational, private practice, and public health settings. She currently works with young people and families within a multidisciplinary community mental health team.

Lena Gibbons

Lena Gibbons is the Administrative Officer and point of contact for the Growing Minds Australia Team. She has recently completed her postgraduate study in Peace and Conflict Studies and has administration and business experience across the public, private and non-for-profit sectors in New South Wales and the Northern Territory. She is excited about working in the Child Youth Mental Health sphere and is happy to assist with any enquiries you may have.

Trisha Nowland

Trisha is the Executive Officer for Growing Minds Australia. Trisha is a practicing psychologist working with children and young people, with experience in complex trauma, and concerns for community living in Western Sydney. She completed a PhD in psychometric practices in psychology research in 2019, following an earlier career in economics. Her passion is in focus on children and families who 'fall through the cracks', and developing pathways and insights in acceptable evidence-based ways that stand to better meet needs of this cohort.

Shona Brinley

Shona Brinley is a Research Assistant with the Growing Minds Check In and has been with the project since the beginning. She has a Bachelor of Science (Neuroscience and Psychology) from the University of Sydney, and a Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) from Monash University. She has experience working with young people in both clinical and community settings and is passionate about increasing access to mental health support for children and young adults.

Talia Carl

Dr Talia Carl is a researcher and Lecturer at the School of Psychology, University of Sydney. She is leading the first flagship trial for Growing Minds Australia, the Growing Minds Check In. Her doctoral research involved experimental and longitudinal studies examining the relationship between moral development, parenting and context on children’s lie telling and conduct problems. She has also been involved in implementing and managing large-scale clinical trials evaluating the efficacy of various online and face-to-face treatment approaches for anxiety and related disorders. Her research aims to understand the factors that impact mental health and externalising behaviours, treatment response, in order to facilitate the development and implementation of interventions. She is also passionate about increasing access to these effective evidence-based interventions to improve the social, emotional and behavioural wellbeing of children.
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